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Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf is a fantastic area to make your first sailing trip to Greece. It is directly accessible from the marinas of Athens,

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Just to the southeast of mainland Greece, it is one of the most challenging sailing areas in the Mediterranean, the Cyclades islands, known worldwide as some of the most picturesque islands in this ancient country. In fact, if you are looking for photos of Greece, you will probably find pictures of the blue vaulted churches, […]

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It is said that is a navy paradise with more than 163 islands and islets. There are countless beautiful beaches and bays that you should not miss on any island.

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Ionian Islands

The Ionian Sea consists of beautiful islands, which are very different from those of the Aegean. Greener, with pine trees ending up in the sea full of olive groves, with more pleasant pastels and earthy shades adorn the Ionian Islands

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Sporades Islands

Sporades, the beautiful lush islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros, will seduce you.

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The Greek islands hide beautiful sea caves, bays with pebbles and sand beaches, some of them are considered to be of the most beautiful places in the world. With over 6.000 islands along Greek coastline of 15.147 km, Greece offers various challengers and interesting treasures in Mediterranean sea.

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